No Need to Put on a Mask! Bring the Beasts to the Dance Floor and Join Lafa Taylor, Shpongle, Emancipator and Beats Antique at The Electric Factory for Creature Carnival

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The crisp autumn wind and sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet brings with it quite the array of exceptional musical performances. One performance The Music Vibes is particularly excited about is Creature Carnival, which will be taking place at The Electric Factory on October 25th. This Carnival of sorts will be featuring performances from Beats Antique, Shpongle, Emancipator, and up and coming artist Lafa Taylor.




Taylor’s talent for experimental bass has kept him very busy these past few months in the electronic music scene and has made him a go-to collaborator for many musicians. He has been working with big names such as Bassnectar and The Polish Ambassador, who is featured on his album Not One Thing that was released this past April. In the past, Taylor has contributed to platinum album releases and has toured throughout Japan. Taylor’s recent sojourn in Japan has given him the opportunity to delve even deeper into his realm of music, and hone his craft for his current musical productions.

Being new to our ears, The Music Vibes did some background research on Lafa Taylor, and we can confidently say that we see the true talent that this singer/emcee/producer brings to the table. Through his eclectic style of music, he both activates and inspires listeners while laying down some dirty beats that get your feet grooving. Based in Oakland, CA, Taylor is quite the world traveler and has shared his unique music and energized audiences around the globe. In 2003, at the age of 17, he produced his first album, Life Music. His next album, Hot Winter, was produced using his portable studio while he traveled around Costa Rica. While in Japan, Taylor joined the area’s renowned artists of Def Tech for a 26-city tour, selling out venues such as the famous Budokan in Tokyo.




Some highlights of Taylor’s work can be seen on his album Different, which exemplifies his creative utilization of word associations, as seen in the song “Rollin Dough,” and also sporadically throughout all of his musical compositions. More recently he has been redefining his sound, breaking into the West Coast bass scene. His flow as a rapper is quite impressive and his eclectic style of music encompasses many genres intertwining electronic with hip-hop inspired rap. One of his most recent EPs released, Mixed Emotions, is a great example of this unique musical combination with songs including “Love on the Dance Floor,” produced by Robot Koch, “Almost Perfect,” and “Hide and Seek.”

It will be exhilarating to see Lafa Taylor join up with Shpongle, Emancipator and Beats Antique for the upcoming Creature Carnival at The Electric Factory. The Music Vibes believes that this concert will be the perfect vehicle for exposing Philadelphia to Taylor’s upbeat hip-hop shrouded in bass. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some collaboration on stage among the creatures of the night. So be sure to grab your ticket for Creature Carnival at the Electric Factory on October 25th before they sell out! You won’t want to miss this epic concert, as it will be a night full of spectacular sights and sounds that will exceed anything your imagination can drum up… This carnival may not have a freak show, but it will be chock full of talented musicians, artist collaborations, theatrics and improvisations that will be sure to blow your mind!





Preview by Rebecca Wolfe


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